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Issue no. 13



A$AP Ferg

Photography by Maciek Jasik // Styling by Karolina Brock // Interview by Blaine Skrainka


Between Blues

Photography by Dominik Tarabanski // Styling by Anatolli Smith

betweenblues betweenblues2

The Experiment

Photography by Sean Alexander Geraghty // Styling by Ibrahim Kamara

theexperiment theexperiment2

Hannah Starkey

Interview by Michael Valinsky

hannahstarkey hannahstarkey2

True or False

Photography by Alex-John Beck // Styling by Jaime Kay Waxman


Who Loves the Sun

Photography by Camila Falquez

wholovesthesun wholovesthesun2

The Cutting Edge

Photography by Mikey Asanin Luvmunkong // Styling by Nista Permpoon & Join Chantisa4-min 5-min


The Garden

Photography by Yuki Kikuchi // Interview by Lucia Yao Gioiello

10-min 11-min


Photography by Bjarne Jonasson // Styling by Anatolli Smith

badlands badlands2

Ainu Neno An Ainu

Photography by Laura Liverani // Writing by Ariana King


You Took Your Time

Photography by Alexander Meininger // Styling by Karina Tanabe Jones

tookyourtime tookyourtime2


Photography by Masha Demanova // Styling by Pascal Mihranian // Writing by Christopher Schreck



Photography by Leonn Ward // Styling by Nickque Patterson

Stance stance2

Modern Love

Photography by Raphaele Grosso // Styling by Giorgio Ammirabile


The Kids Are Alright

Photography by Christoph Wohlfahrt // Styling by Rogelio Burgos

KidsAlright kidsalright3

Journey: A selection of books and records

Curation by Lucia Yao Gioiello

8-min 9-min

Before Anyone Else

Photography by Alexander Neumann // Styling by Maria Cecilia Brennand Campos

Luca luca2

Night & Day

Photography by ChloĆ© Le Drezen // Styling by Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire

nightday nightday2

Sequoyah Aono

Interview by Lucia Yao Gioiello


Set It Off

Photography by Antoine Harinthe // Styling by Theophile Hermand

setitoff setitoff2

The Vanishing

Photography by Sloan Laurits // Styling by Courtney Kryston

thevanishing thevanishing2


Photography by Stanislaw Boniecki // Styling by Jessica Zamora-Turner

sahara sahara2